Software on JADEΒΆ

The software initially installed on the machine is listed in the following table:

Application Version Note
GNU compiler suite 4.8.4 part of O/S
PGI compiler suite 17.4  
OpenMPI 1.10.2 Supplied with PGI
OpenMPI 1.10.5a1 Supplied with PGI
Gromacs 2016.3 Supplied by Nvidia
NAMD 2.12  

This software has been built from source and installed as modules. To list the source built applications do:

$ module avail
----------------------------------------------------- /jmain01/apps/modules -----------------------------
gromacs/2016.3           openmpi/1.10.2/2017      pgi/17.4(default)        pgi64/17.4(default)
PrgEnv-pgi/17.4(default)      NAMD/2.12      openmpi/1.10.5a1/GNU     pgi/2017             pgi64/2017

The following are the available applications, libraries and development tools on the JADE cluster: